If your customers struggle to say your name, can't find you, and feel like they are dining in a school cafeteria—some might say you'll have a long road ahead of you. Thankfully this is no longer the case for the owners of the freshly re-branded Thai Tempo restaurant (formally Siriouthay Thai Deli).



This re-brand initiative posed many challenges from the start. A hard to pronounce/spell brand name, a nonexistent visual identity system, language barriers, inefficient "back-of-house" (and equipment), and budget constraints just to name a few.


We began with multiple discovery sessions and customer audits. An in depth name exploration and visual identity system development followed. Next we focused on menu audits and simplification paired with food styling and a photo-shoot. Then we strategically designed and produced all necessary elements, integrated social media accounts with advertising campaigns, all while simultaneously addressing core "back-of-house" issues. Lastly, our team worked long nights (after hours) to transform the once bland environment into the younger and much hipper fresh Thai kitchen now known as Thai Tempo.

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